3 reasons for 1st daily Vegan Tour in Croatia

3 reasons for 1st daily Vegan Tour in Croatia

1. People ask about veggie stuff !  #demandexists

During 7 years of working in tourism in second largest city in Croatia: Split, Mijo – head owner of Vegolas Tours – received a lot of questions at the end of the tours some of which were:

  • Can you recommend some vegetarian or vegan restaurants in Split?
  • Do you know any Croatian traditional meals that are vegetarian or vegan approved?
  • Where can we find dairy free ice creams?

And so on….

Needless to say, he was very happy about meeting other plant based lovers.

Same thing would happen while Mijo was roaming in the city in his free time wearing rebellious T-shirt with a casual “Vegan” sign – people would stop him to ask similar questions.

Good to know

Vegetarians in Croatia:

Over 200.000

Citizens support vegetarianism:


Citizens say they could become one:


Famous vegan specialty in region:


2. Croatia is opening to veganism ! #greenfuture

Ten years ago the situation in supermarkets was very sad for people who sustained from consuming animal products, but now every bigger shop center has numerous options to choose from. At bare start of the veggie scene , cheapest plant based milk was not to be found under 4 € and today we have good quality options for little more that 1 €.

At the same time restaurants are also introducing more veggie meals and vegan options because they have to keep up with trends and meet demand.
Tourists are coming from countries where veggie scene is normal and they bring that demands and trend into Croatia as well.

But lets not forget about local vegans and vegetarians who are being active on social networks and asking restaurants and markets for more and better. Classic example of markets listening is Veganuary which is strong in Croatia in Lidl supermarkets, but also local brand Spar (Interspar) has 15% discounts every Monday for plant based food as a “Meatless Monday” celebration.

– Split gave birth to first daily Vegan Food tour in Croatia –

3. Wanting to do more #sustainable #passion

In Vegolas Tours owner’s personal life being ten years without meat and six years vegan, Mijo wanted to do more and combine his passion for tourism with a sustainable green way of living. 

So this idea was boiling in his mind for some time already. 

He created a facebook group where vegans from Dalmatia region could meet each other, support each other and exchange recipes. 

After organizing some vegan social events Mijo felt like the community was growing, and that community with some other ones throughout Croatia were making sure those vegan menus on restaurants and products come to Croatia – making this vegan food tour possible.

So many thanks to all of them !

Check it out – Split Vegan Food Tour

Our tour started in April 2022, and is going 365 a year.

Feel free to check out more about our Vegan Food tour here and use code “BV11” to get a 11% discount for booking. Look for the green umbrella and see you there ?

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