7 Mediterranean traits you can recognize on your holiday in Dalmatia

7 Mediterranean traits you can recognize on your holiday in Dalmatia

1. Motor scooters

It’s hot, you don’t want to waste time searching for a car parking spot and you also kind of don’t want to wear your shoes but slippers? Then you hop on a vespa or scooter and off you go. Locals mostly use these options to avoid crowds and go to city centers. There are plenty of scooter rental options in Dalmatia. However, in the last couple of years, electric scooters have been expanding.

2. Cats everywhere

There are cats on the streets, I mean a bunch of cats. They are spoiled and fed by locals and tourists. When encountering them in a piece of shade, sometimes you can be fearful about their health or even wonder if they are alive, but don’t worry – they just do it Dalmatian style, relaxing in the shade. But occasionally, from your hotel or hostel, you can be an ear witness of cats fighting for territory as well.

However, 99% of the time you will find them in a lazy , relaxed spirit.
Some people even buy food for cats and walk with it, ready for encounters.

3. Old streets

The Mediterranean coast contains huge historical value hidden in stone streets and passages , from Greek times, over Romans to the middle ages. Exploring them is a phenomenon by itself.

Ancient, romanic, gothic, renaissance, baroque and even rococo styles, just make sure to have a camera ready.
Nice photos will be locals hanging out their clothes to dry in between windows connecting them with rope – in Dalmatia we call that “Tiramola”.

4. Olives

Croatia produces olive oil and has a great climate for olive oil to grow and thrive. Dalmatia, alongside Istria, is the home of many high-quality extra virgin olive oils. It will be easy to recognize trees while traveling, since it is estimated that there are almost 5 million olive trees growing in Croatia.

September and October is a time of the year when everybody knows it’s time to enjoy some olive picking in nature.

Good to know

Largest city in Dalmatia:


Biggest island in Dalmatia:


Fun Fact:

Dalmatia is waaay older than Croatia itself

What is Dalmatia famous for:

Dalmatian dog, clear waters and amazing food

5. Sunny beaches , turquoise sea

The sea on the Mediterranean coast is famous for being a crystal clear blue color. The Adriatic sea, being an arm of the Mediterranean sea, is not an exception to that.
Since huge waves do not penetrate the Adriatic coast, which is protected by sea position and islands, beaches are tiny rocks and pebbles, but there are sandy ones as well.

– Dalmatia is even more famous by studios shooting shows like Game of Thrones or movies like Star Wars, Robin Hood etc…  –

6. Unspoilt islands

79 islands and about 500 islets make Dalmatia a top notch destination to cruise around and visit some of them – Brač for proximity and size, Hvar as a famous destination with a great beaches and sun hours, Vis as a bit more secluded heaven on earth and many more.

The Mediterranean Sea Has A Coastline Of About 28,600 Miles

7. Coffee style

Coffee to go does not work in Dalmatia, because coffee is not only about drinking, it is about relaxation, enjoying the moment for yourself with a nice view if possible. So the expression “let’s go for coffee” actually means more “let’s chill and relax” than is necessary to drink coffee. People actually use that expression to go and drink lemonade. I know it’s weird.

To find out best coffe spots in city, taste local food or learn more about culture or history check one of our daily or private tours.

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