Can people fly in Split?

Can people fly in Split?

Why are people flying? #localsport #picigin

Because it looks cool and is so enjoyable to play and partake but also to watch.

Picigin is a local authentic sport that has an artistic note to it, and oftentimes people walking seaside just decide to stop their walk and watch as it amuses them in numerous ways.

People are “flying” because chasing the ball and managing to keep it alive in the air while extending their body in the most decorative way while falling in water gives them amazing sense of accomplishment.


  1. It is played on a sandy beach
  2. Goal is to keep ball in air
  3. Players use open palms to achieve that
  4. Players play in ankle to calf water depth
  5. More decorative player falls and flies – the better
  6. Usually requires about 5 players for best acrobatics

This is one of the rare sports where there is no competitiveness since the team is playing together for the same goal – and that goal is to simply have fun.

How did it all happen?  #origins

Legend goes that at the beginning of the 20th century a group of students from Prague brought a water polo ball to play, but the most famous beach in Split – Bačvice was just too shallow to play it. So they adapted – with a smaller ball, playing in different rules, in a more relaxing way.

They played on Bačvice beach and still today Bačvice is the center of the universe for Picigin sport. 

When you want to see it displayed on premium level, you visit that exact beach.

And when players are well coordinated and play on a higher level they seem to be like a fine tune melody being played by your favourite bend. There is just great flow to it and smooth acrobatics look awesome.

Did you know?

Unique handmade artefact:

There is no option to buy a ball for picigin anywhere in the city.

World Championships:

Plenty of them have been held on Bačvice beach

Cultural Heritage:

Under Ministry of Culture, Republic Croatia

Picigin every day:

For more years now there has not been a day where locals have missed a day of playing, they play even on Christmas and New Years evening

*Making picigin ball is craft: includes having a tennis ball, peeling hair off it and brushing it nicely so it is equally smooth on all sides.

It’s not just random jumping  #technique

If you try to play the game yourself, a sense of enjoyment will be felt immediately, and locals can show you around the ropes to grasp the basics. 

But for more beautiful jumps or “flies” there is a technique to it – I personally tried to fly with 110 kg or 220lbs and falling on my ribs was not the most envious feeling in the world for people watching. Of course I am not picigin player and trying to show off was clearly a bad idea as a newbie. So, of course, there are levels to this game.

-What about you, you think you have what it takes to try picigin out?-

Ready to learn more?  #expansion #culture

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