Split city

What to say about this thousand of years old city, which has not been told yet?

Situated in the central part of region Dalmatia, just below beautiful park forest Marjan city lies on the Adriatic coast. Islands in front are making it great island hopping starting point but also and mountains in the back allow for many adventure opportunities and romantic sunsets. Split is the second largest city in Croatia with 180 000 people is a very important passenger harbour in Mediterranean sea and a place that is gladly visited from all over the world. Whether people travel for sun & sea, adventure or history – Split has it all.


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Languages spoken


Currency used

Croatian Kuna

Area (km2)

80 km2

More about Split

1700 years old walls of ancient roman Diocletian palace in which locals live today is the perfect mix of history and welcoming easy going locals. Paradoxically, big part of citizens of Split are more interested in chit chatting with coffee under the sun and outdoor activities then history, which is surrounding them on every corner.

Even dough Split has small town vibe and it’s easy to walk, there is a bunch of streets and passages in the center so it is easy to get yourself lost and be dragged into the magic of exploring unknown beauty with a fresh look on middleaged streets, which locals have lost due to familiarity with the city.Running into sharp dressed choir of men singing most lovely melodies, narrowest street in the whole city or into the 3500 years old lady cat – it can happen in the span of 2 minutes of wandering around. Game of Thrones filming set location or people in speedos playing weird sports that Split has invented, the choice is yours.

After a good meal, walking next to the sea in a relaxed manner, just like locals, is the perfect way to wrap up your evening since Split has a walkable coastline that expands for more than 11 km (or 7 miles). Summer temperatures reach up until 35 degrees celsius (95° Fahrenheit), which is very convenient for swimming and chilling on the beach and winters are around 8-10° celsius (46 – 50 degree fahrenheit) – still comfortable with not so often rain and snow every 5 years.

So what is the best time to come to Croatia and visit Split ? Time is now ! Get your bucket list of places to see and cross this name because we know your friend have been talking about it, and yes – once you come first time you will come again and hopefully recommend it to your friends as well.